How We Ended Up Here

Glamourbox came to life in November 2012 and launched the first premium beauty subscription service in the country. We scoured the globe for interesting brands and curated thematic boxes that appealed Filipina beauty enthusiasts across the country.  We had a lot of fun putting together the monthly boxes and we knew that online discovery had changed the way women approach beauty.

Years later, we took a leap and went beyond sampling. We have dedicated our business to becoming an exclusive distributor and multi-channel retailer of cult beauty brands to enhance your beauty discovery experience.  We believe in beauty brands that are accessible, innovative, eco-friendly, and effective. Ultimately, we want you to enjoy your experience in finding the right beauty products for you without having to go through a sheer amount of options that will overwhelm you.

Whether you are a beauty novice trying to distinguish the difference between a sheer and a matte lipstick, a beauty-obsessed mom who’s into cruelty-free makeup,  or a skincare junkie on a quest to discover the best toner, welcome to the Glamourbox community and thank you for making us part of your beauty discovery journey!