Combination to Oily Starter Set

P 1,200.00

Bring back radiance to your skin with Trilogy's best-selling trio! Formulated with pure rosehip oil, this starter skincare regime help the skin's oil production at bay and settle skin into a glowing radiance.

Set contains:

  • Balancing Gel Cleanser - 30ml
  • Rosehip Oil Antioxidant+ - 10ml
  • Balancing Face Lotion - 20ml

Check out K. Young's review here:

When it comes to skincare..... I've tried the majority of brands. So when I try a brand that is unknown to me.... it feels it could be at a disadvantage already be for trying. How wrong I could be with this brand.
It's right up there with the premium ranges. I felt like I was put skincare on my face that smelt like neals yard, but the results from kiehls or another top brand.

The cleanser is gentle but gets rid of all makeup, the oil is the power in this pack with healing properties and the moisturiser is like a hit of a facial. It's stunning.

I have had a bad skin breakout recently and as a 38 year old this can be pretty tough considering i Shouldn't have them. Within 4 days of using this kit my skin is radiant and it is youthful.

I can't shout highly enough about. Worth every penny!

  • Thoughtful gift!
  • 09/17/2017

Bought this for my sister and she loved it! This set is a steal.

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Combination to Oily Starter Set

Combination to Oily Starter Set