Sensitive Starter Set

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Soothe, calm and protect even the most fragile, irritated and intolerant skin with Trilogy Sensitive Starter Set. Formulated with SyriCalm, this trio is dermatologically-proven to reduce inflammation and strengthen the skin's natural barrier function.

Set contains:

  • Very Gentle Cleansing Cream - 30ml
  • Very Gentle Calming Serum - 10ml
  • Very Gentle Moisturizing Cream - 20ml

Check out review from Lady Fancifull:

I am delighted to have had a chance to test the trilogy range for sensitive skin. I was not aware of the company (silly me!) but, having now tried the product, and done the usual research into ingredients (always important for me) and the company themselves, I can say I want to continue having an up close and personal relationship between my face and trilogy

I don’t have sensitive skin BUT I am careful not to overload my skin with lots of potentially nasty synthetic chemicals. Though each of the synthesised ones in isolation may have various usage levels and cautions adhered to, the real problem is the complex cocktail of novel chemistry which we have not evolved to process. Sure, not everything in the garden comes up not only smelling of roses but being as kind as roses to the skin, but at least we have, over millennia, discovered what irritates and what sooths.

So, the major criteria I have is ‘what’s in it’ – is it primarily botanical, and do I know that the botanical has been traditionally used for skin care with good results. Many companies tout their use of botanicals on their product pages, but when (with difficulty) you research their websites you might find that the botanicals are a small part only and the bulk of what is in there is novel chemistry.

Trilogy comes up trumps with their rosiness! Not just the hips themselves (rosehip oil is brilliant) but their own website gives full information about all the ingredients used, and about their actions.

Secondly, the company has some accreditations which give a resounding tick, for me. The Natrue cert which means that at least 95% of the ingredients of all products must be controlled organic or controlled wild crafted production. Natrue certification also means that where ingredients have been produced by other companies, that these too are verified to adhere to these certifications – all aspects of production and sourcing are examined.

Additionally, the company’s ethics are against animal testing, not using GMO crops, recycleable packaging and supporting ethical trade practices .

Okay, okay, enough of the polemics, I hear a bored review reader cry. What is the product like!!

Fab, just fab. Absolutely no sense of irritation on my skin, which smiled happily as this lovely trio – cleanser (advised to remove with damp muslin), silky, milky serum (my favourite!) and moisturiser were applied.

I’m for sure going to use more of their range. Of course I want to use products which are kind on my skin and leave it peachy and glowing. But I also want that peachy inner glow of knowing that what I’m using isn’t costing the earth, or its peoples through exploitation. It is absolutely possible to have products good for me, good for you, good for all.

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Sensitive Starter Set

Sensitive Starter Set