• P 1,495.00

      • Swirl your finger around the shade (rather than dipping into the pan) to evenly build up colour & tap onto lips• For an ombre effect, pat colour onto center of the lips and fade it outwards• To achieve an intense bold pay-off, apply layers, blotting in between

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    • P 1,280.00

      Use AM & PM. Massage 2 to 3 drops onto cleansed, toned skin. For extra hydration & glow, add 1 or 2 drops to your moisturizer before applying.

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    • P 570.00

      Use after application of "Blackhead Clear".

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    • P 1,860.00

      Apply over Eye Oasis™ Moisture Replenishing Treatment. Allow to absorb into skin. Leave on overnight. Can also be used as a daily, intensive eye treatment.

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    • P 1,575.00

      Lightly apply around the eye contour morning and night.

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    • P 950.00

      Use the spooley end to brush hair evenly. Lightly trace the shape of your brows and fill them in, starting from the thinner end then working your way up to the thicker end. Use the spooley again to blend in the product and make the color look more natural.

      More shades available
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    • P 149.00

      1. After washing face, use a toner to soothe face 2. Take the mask out of the package and place it on the face while avoiding the eyes. 3. Let the mask rest on the face for 10-20 minutes. 4. Pat the remaining essence on the face gently.

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    • P 2,970.00

      Can be applied up to 3 times per week or as needed. Massage onto damp skin until a full froth forms. Wait 5 minutes, then rinse well. Follow with the triple oxygen radiant protection energizing serum and energizing vitamin c day cream. Bliss always recommends using an SPF daily.

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    • P 430.00

      Slather on from shoulders to shins (or anywhere else that's particularly parched).

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