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    Apply eyebrow pencil onto eyebrows, especially in sparse areas, gently from inner eyebrow to outer eyebrow using the slanted applicator. Use spoolie to put brow hairs in place. 

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    Aspyn’s How To’s• Lower Lash Mascara: For best effect, apply onto lashes from root to tip. For tiny lashes and detail, hold brush vertically & wiggle to apply• Brow Tamer: Brush up & out to shape and set brows

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    Judy’s How To’s• These colours are so pigmented, you can use your finger to pack on the shadow directly onto lids• Remember that blending is key and these eyeshadows make it easy to do• Use a blending brush to diffuse any harsh lines in soft, circular motions• You can use a dense synthetic brush to pack on colour in key areas• Use the deeper shades to...

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    1) Apply wax onto brow and brush into place. 2) Use small, strokes to apply powder. 3) Set with insta-brow sealer Insta-Brow Sealer

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  • P 540.00

    1) Apply wax onto brow and brush into place. 2) Use small, strokes to apply powder. 3) Set with insta-brow sealer Insta-Brow Sealer

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    Hold the outer corner of your eyelid and line your eyes with the pencil. May also be used to line and fill in the lips!

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    Put two drops of our "Fix It" into any of your dried out makeup and this silicone based product will bring it back to life.

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    Use wax to set the brows and then select the shade that matches your haircolor to fill in your brows, you can also mix and match to create the perfect brow shade for your haircolor. Matte brown shades can also be used as eyeshadow and to contour the eyes!

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    Buff onto skin for an ethereal, soft focus effect.

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    angled tweezer: stainless steel with a flat edges for expert brow shaping detailing tweezer: stainless steel with a pointed tip to clean up fine hairs slanted brow spoolie: perfectly sized for brow grooming and blending slanted arch definer: unique design allows you to plot your perfect brow shape or smudge your brow product for a natural finish (visit...

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    lightly apply short strokes on eyebrows and blend with the spooley brush 

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    Brush up and out to soften and brighten brows.

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    Brush up and out to shape and set brows.

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    Use pencil side to fill in any sparse areas in brows. Use short, light strokes for areas that don’t need a lot of colour. Press harder for darker brows or for more colour. Use gel side to tame brows. Use short strokes to brush hairs into place.

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    Swipe some color on those cheeks, contour highlight to accentuate those beautiful features!

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    Shadow duos in coordinated hues with illuminating natural minerals for irresistible eyes. Double-sided applicator included. Long-wear. Mineral formula. Paraben free. Not tested on animals. 

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    You can use this multi-tasking palette to draw brows, line eyes, and highlight features, with compact efficiency!

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    Lightly fill in brows using short, soft strokes.

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    Hold the tweezers in your dominant hand with your thumb on one prong and your index finger on the other prong. Grab the hair with the tweezers by pressing the 2 prongs together around the object. Pull gently but quickly to remove the object.

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