• P 800.00

    Tap excess bronzing powder off brush. With a light hand sweep a light layer right under the cheekbones, on top of cheekbones, around the temples, on the forehead close to the hairline, down the bridge of the nose, and across the chin and jawlines. Blend, blend and blend! Add a blush on the top of cheekbones to brighten your face. For a deeper color, build...

    P 800.00
  • P 650.00

    – Use all over eyelid and crease with finger or brush and apply darker to the outer corner of the eye for a contour effect and dimension if desired.– Apply wet for more color saturation.

    P 650.00
  • P 1,300.00

    Sweep a natural bronzer (closest match to your skintone) shade across the forehead, cheeks and along the nose & chin for a sunkissed look. Apply highlighter to tops of cheekbones, under the brow arch and to cupid’s bow to add dimension to your bronzed look. Use a deeper bronzer shade to subtly define cheeks, jawline and to contour eyes.

    P 1,300.00
  • P 1,300.00

    Use the powders over foundation to chisel out features and add glow. Apply the matte highlighter in “Baby Chick” to the center of the face to lock in foundation and brighten. Add “Minx” bronzer to the outer contour of the face to add warmth and a bronzed glow. Contour under cheekbones, the sides of the nose and forehead using darker contour shades. Apply...

    P 1,300.00
  • P 650.00

    Buff onto skin for an ethereal, soft focus effect.

    P 650.00
  • P 1,190.00

    Use on eyes, cheeks and lips for optimal POP effect! Buff onto cheekbones, forehead, bridge of nose and décolletage

    More shades available
    P 1,190.00
  • P 1,290.00

    Swipe some color on those cheeks, contour highlight to accentuate those beautiful features!

    P 1,290.00
  • P 1,090.00

    1) Sweep Highlight shade onto the tops of cheekbones, down center of nose, and onto bow of lips.2) Blend Sculpt shade into hollows of cheeks, onto temples, and under jaw.3) Finish off by swirling Blush shade onto apples of cheeks.4)Buff-blend all together seamlessly.

    More shades available
    P 1,090.00
  • P 995.00

    Buff onto skin with a fluffy brush for lighter coverage. Press into skin with sponge or dense brush for more coverage.

    P 995.00
  • P 1,600.00

    Apply bush and lightly contour the cheeks and your features using the matte  bronzer and highlight your features using shimmery bronze for a glowing sunkissed look.   Mix and match eye shadow colors to define those peepers and make them pop!

    P 1,600.00
  • P 990.00

    Use included kabuki to sweep bronzer where you would naturally tan – cheekbones, forehead, chin & bridge of nose.

    More shades available
    P 990.00
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