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    Apply an appropriate amount on dry face, body and hair. 

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    Apply an appropriate amount on sensitive, dry face, body and hair.

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    Apply generously on body. Reapply as desired. For best results, use BEAUBLENDS® with BioPlacenta & Amplifying Stem Cell Whitening & Age Defying Moisture Boost Soap.

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    Morning: Apply a small amount of Underarm Deo to a soft cotton ball or pad. Make sure you get enough on the cotton pad so that it feels damp but not too wet. Gently wipe your underarm to remove oil and give the appearance of smaller pores. Evening: Use Beaublends™ Advance White Underarm Whitening Cream . Apply evenly especially to the hyperpigmented areas...

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    Apply Beaublends™ Glutablend Whitening Lotion with Sunscreen All-In One generously on cleansed skin. Use in the morning prior to sun exposure. Use this product regularly for a result of fairer, clearer and more beautiful complexion skin. For best result, use with Beaublends™ Rosy Gluta with Rosehip Soap, and Beaublends™ Glutablend Whitening Cream. Hazards...

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    Use Beaublends™ Advance White Underarm Whitening Cream . Apply evenly especially to the hyperpigmented areas which need to be lightened. Use once daily, in the evening. This product is very safe for all ages and skin types.

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    Apply Beaublends™ Advance White Deo & Antiperspirant using cotton to dark spot area and wipe thoroughly until fully absorbed into the skin. Apply to clean skin once daily, in the morning. Why is this topical instead of spray or roll on? Underarm skin builds up dead skin cells, body oil and sweat. This causes darkening, decrease efficacy of any...

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    In a bowl, mix 1 tablespoon powder with 2 tablespoons (1 powder : 2 solution ratio) solution until creamy consistencyStart with a clean skin and apply an appropriate amount on desired areas, avoiding eye and lip areasLeave on for 15 minutes until fully dryRinse off with warm waterApply your moisturizing or whitening creamFor best results, use with Snoe...

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    Rub a pea-sized measure onto dry hands as often as you need to soften. For super-spa-strength skin conditioning, pull on a pair of Bliss Glamour Gloves after application.

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    Slather on from shoulders to shins (or anywhere else that's particularly parched).

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