• P 690.00

      Apply from inner corner of eye to outer corner in one single sweep motion. Add thickness where desired. If a smokier look is desired, blend immediately after applying as formula dries to a budge-proof finish. Replace lid after use. Do not store with cap off. Place in freezer for a few minutes prior to sharpening for best results. Best removed with an...

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      P 690.00
    • P 990.00

      We like to start in the middle corner of the eye and gently glide across the lid starting with a thin line and layer to the desired thickness. You have 40 seconds til the waxes set, so can smudge to create a softer look.

      More shades available
      P 990.00
    • P 650.00

      Pucker up and swipe this lippie for an envy-worthy pout!

      P 650.00
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